Subliminal Mind

Subliminal Mind

A powerful and fully customizable personal manager of subliminal messages
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Subliminal Mind is a powerful personal manager of subliminal messages to help you improve your personal development in an effective and effortless way. This application includes a number of categories and messages that you can edit to fulfil your own goals. New categories and messages can also be added, and the way they are displayed in your system is also fully customizable.

Making use of the proven power of subliminal messages, this application can be used for different purposes, such as therapy, life enhancement, or educational reinforcement. Its attractive and simple interface allows any user to select any number of predefined categories and get started in just a few clicks. Among the existing 21 categories, you can find carefully selected subliminal messages to help you with Anxiety, Confidence, Depression, Fears, Happiness, Motivation, Positive Thinking, Prosperity, Relationships, Relaxation, Stop Smoking, and Weight Loss.

Subliminal Mind will work in the background without you really noticing it. The messages will show in your system while you are working, checking your e-mail, or performing any other task. You can set up the duration of the messages and the interval between them, in milliseconds and seconds, respectively. You can also decide on the contrast and the size of the texts.

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  • The possibility of adding new categories and messages, and of editing the predefined ones


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